The team at California Suspension Works is committed to providing our customers with service, support, parts and information about their suspension systems in an accessible and easily understandable way.  Our goal is to help you become more confident, safer and more controlled whether you ride on the street, in the dirt or on a track.  This translates to a faster and more exciting ride!

We have extensive experience customizing suspension systems for motorcycles.  We do this by reducing friction, calculating and installing the perfect stiffness of spring, and adjusting the internal valving characteristics (using advanced computer modeling) to suit your weight, ability and style of riding.  We are your one-stop personal suspension consultants.  When you choose California Suspension Works to upgrade your ride, we are determined to make sure you are satisfied.  Give us a call at (650) 968-6144 and speak with the owner, Curtis Pell, and we know you’ll be on your way to the best ride of your life!

The manufacturers of our bikes have a tough job.  They must spring and valve each model so that are large percentage of the target riders will say that it is, at least, a pretty good ride for a pretty good price.  This process involves a lot of compromises that are more successful on some models than on others.  Our job, as a suspension tuner, is to create the least amount of compromise by having your suspension work well in the broadest set of conditions involving the fewest number of changes to the settings.  We use computer modeling to determine the exact changes to your bike’s valving.  If you’ve never ridden a modern bike with springs and valving customized for your weight, ability and riding style, you simply don’t know what you’re missing.  Our customers compare it to having a brand new bike that fits their riding needs like a glove.